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School Visits 

Our 4-week school visit programmes provide an extra layer of fun, motivation and engagement to the pupils we coach for an hour of physical activity. Research shows that not only does a scheduled hour of activity boost optimism in children, but also increases academic performance (particularly reading and maths), increases attention in class, enhances bone strength and boosts mental health!

Your organisation will have your logo placed on the bibs all participants will represent, as well as tagged social media posts from every day we are with the school!

Young Leader Development 

Volunteering allows individuals to gain confidence, build a sense of achievement, challenge themselves and feel part of a greater community! However, taking the jump into volunteering can be very daunting to many young people. 

To help teenagers take the plunge, the ICT Trust has developed a 6-week young leaders programme to be delivered in high schools across the North of Scotland. The programme will introduce the participants to various roles they can play in a sports club and the transferable skills they will gain in the process! 

Walking Football 

Walking football has grown over the last few years and is a wonderful derivative of our beloved sport. The ICT Trust recognises the various benefits of walking football. The game has obvious health benefits, both physical and mental, tackles social isolation, helps build community cohesion and is, of course, great fun.

When sponsoring the ICT Trust Walking Football project, your company's logo will feature on each bib worn by the participants, as well as your company's social media pages shall be tagged in our weekly Facebook & Twitter posts.

Football Memories 

The ICT Trust in partnership with Alzheimer's Scotland and The Scottish Football Museum, run the      Inverness edition of the nationwide initiative to help engage people living with dementia and the elderly in reminiscing about their experiences with football throughout their life. At the monthly sessions, we exchange stories with visual aids and listen to guest speakers together.

For your sponsorship, your company will be thanked in a post at each session we run and the chance to attend a session for a special PR feature.

Skill Centres 

The ICT Trust Weekly Skills Courses provide football development opportunities to hundreds of children all over the North of Scotland to develop their football skills, meet new friends or allow them to simply be outside and exercising in a safe environment.

When sponsoring our Weekly Skills Centres, your company's logo will feature on a sponsored 'Star of the week' medal for every class of each centre, which will be highlighted in a weekly social media post with your  company's social media pages tagged.

Holiday Camps 

Our holiday camps are for children aged between 5 and 12 years old. The fun-filled week will include a variety of sessions focusing on improving each child's football skills in fun and challenging ways. We work on passing, control, shooting and heading to help make these weeks as enjoyable as possible, regardless of the child's experience.  

When sponsoring our camps, your organisation will be featured on a sponsored 'Star of the Week trophy for a selected member from each group of every camp and a tagged social media post for every day of the camp.

Bib Sponsor                                *Sold*

By providing the bibs to our community classes we can add an extra degree of uniformity and professionalism that can help create a more inclusive programme. 

By providing sponsorship for bibs to be purchased for the programme, your company will have their logo across every bib in the programme and would be photographed regularly at every session and uploaded to social media after each session (weekly).

Equipment Sponsor

Integral to the running of everything we do is functioning, high quality equipment. By having a variety of equipment, it opens up different opportunities for various styles of sessions to be run to engage all demographics.

When sponsoring our equipment, you will receive a ‘Thank You’ social media post in which your organisation will be tagged, as well your company's branding printed onto the items where applicable.

EDP Sponsor

The Early Development Programme is an academy preparation programme run by the ICT Trust. The programme provides an opportunity for the most technically gifted players in the North of Scotland to access academy level coaching, matchday experiences and exclusive development resources. 

The programme looks to develop approximately fifty aspiring footballers and ten young coaches per year from all over the north of Scotland, both technically and personally, in a fun, safe and pressure-free environment.

If your organisation were to sponsor the Early Development Programme (EDP), you would receive an initial thank you post on social media and be tagged in every EDP-related post in the future (approximately 2-3 per week). You would also be the primary Matchday Experience, Player of the Week and bib sponsor  further information on these can be seen below!

EDP Matchday Sponsor

As great as it is to train twice per week, the best memories we can give players are matchday experiences. We look to invite grassroots and professional clubs from all over Scotland to challenge our Early Development Programme in friendly games all year round.

When sponsoring our matchdays, we will post on our social media about the day, which your organisation shall be tagged in. This includes a variety of photos and a 'Player of the Day' trophy with your company's logo embedded being awarded to a stand-out performer on the day. 

EDP Player of the Week

To provide a furthered sense of personal achievement in the programme, we run a 'Player of the Week' award, which is to be handed out to the player each week that has best exemplified the traits we look for in the EDP. 

At the end of each week, a congratulatory post for the player will go up on social media with your company tagged, as well as the logo being present on the trophy.

ICT Trust Sponsor

The ICT Trust's primary objective is to promote and improve the physical and mental health of both young and old through activity and provide an opportunity for all youngsters in Inverness and surrounding areas to participate in football. We achieve this objective through diverse programmes and initiatives that use football as a vehicle to engage those in our community.

The ICT Trust aims to increase each individual's physical activity levels, no matter their background or degree of skill they possess. We have identified that our local community does not get enough physical activity due to various barriers, so our various courses are designed for a vast number of target groups to ensure everyone is achieving the highest possible level of activity.

Our community team has excellent experience creating and delivering the programmes to boost activity in the local area and always receives incredibly positive feedback from community groups, statutory bodies, and local schools.

We aim to maintain our current success for as long as possible to keep those in our local area engaged in sport to ensure they all live a happy and healthy life. Any support your organisation can offer to the ICT Trust is greatly appreciated by those in the community team and all in our local area!

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